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The invasion of Panama by the United States (codenamed Operation Just Cause) takes place from December 20, 1989 to January 31, 1990, under the administration of US President George HW Bush.

This operation takes place ten years before the sovereignty of the Panama Canal is rendered by the United States in Panama. The Panamanian military leader Manuel Noriega, after having foiled several coups and canceled the elections that would have made him lose power [ref. necessary), declares his country in a state of war against the United States. This diplomatic state, linked to attacks on American citizens (civilians and military), the possible violation of the neutrality of the Panama Canal and the role of Panama in the international drug trade were the pretexts of the invasion.

During this invasion, which lasted less than a month, Manuel Noriega was deposed and the Panamanian Defense Force (FDP) disbanded.

At least four Amerindians will be occupation troops.