Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.





Born October 2, 1880. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White Goyeau Street , Windsor, Ontario. He served in the 21st Battalion , Essex Fusiliers. The soldier White loved sports. He played baseball , hockey and football. The day of the announcement of his death, was published the following article in the Evening Record " hard hit Windsor : Windsor today offered his first sacrifice on the altar of patriotism. One of his family mourns the death of a beloved son , while two others are anxiously waiting for news about two wounded son . This morning we learned that a dispatch many Canadian soldiers were killed , while sixty-one others were injured in a fight that took place last Sunday.

We learned that especially among the dead, bore the name of Walter White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos . White and Arthur and Victor E. Paddon Marentette was among the injured. " The White soldier was killed in the Modder River , during the battle of Paardeburg , South Africa.

The name of Walter White is engraved on the Memorial of the South African War , in Jackson Park , Windsor , Ontario , Canada.