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George McLean knew soldiering . This ranch boy band Head of the Lake District in the Okanagan , British Columbia, had served with the Canadian Mounted Rifles during the South African War ( Boer War or ) at the turn of century. More than ten years later, he became one of some 2000 members of the ECSC win the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) for distinguished conduct in battle, the second decoration emphasis NCOs and soldiers during the Great War .

McLean enlisted in Vernon, British Columbia, in October 1916 and almost immediately after, he sailed to Britain . In December , he was in France with the 54th Battalion .

In April 1917, during the Battle of Vimy Ridge , McLean launched a daring solo attack against a group of enemy soldiers. He was carrying a dozen Mills bombs , small grenades that were nicknamed
" Pineapple " and exploding violently .

McLean 's attack was extremely effective :

Alone he captured 19 prisoners and later, when he was attacked by five other prisoners who attempted to grab a gun , he succeeded - although wounded - to get rid of them without assistance , thus preventing a many losses. ( Quote )

During this fight , McLean was struck in the arm by a bullet from a sniper . He returned to Canada for treatment. He returned to British Columbia and became a firefighter in the Vancouver area . He died in 1934.