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war against daesh





1 Only committed dead in service.

Official name of operation: Operation Inherent Resolve


Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) is the US military operational name for the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, in vernacular language, Daesh) including the campaign in Iraq and the campaign in Syria. Since August 21, 2016, the 18th Air Corps of the US Army has been responsible for Joint Task Force - RIO.

On October 22, 2015, an operation of the US special forces allows the release of 70 hostages held in a penitentiary complex daesh group. Cherokee Wheeler Joshua Lloyd led the joint Kurdish attack on the prison. About twenty daesh fighters were killed and five others captured.

Wheeler was originally from Roland, Oklahoma, and enlisted in the US Army in May 1995. He served three times in Iraq and Afghanistan before being transferred to the Delta Force from the Special Operations Command of the US Army. United States. As team leader, he will be deployed again more than 11 times in Afghanistan and Iraq to support combat operations.

His record of decorations is impressive, in addition to the badges of expert shooting and parachuting, there are 1 bronze star with value device, 6 medals of good conduct, 1 purple heart among 54 other medals.

Losses within the special forces are rarely known, kept secret, often the wife and children of Wheeler (whose last was born in August 2015) did not know the places and missions carried out by this man; but the story of Wheeler remains a unique case.

On October 22, 2015, the US Special Forces broke the prison wall with explosives and went first through the breach. That's when Wheeler was hurt. The operation was a success, but Sergeant-Chief Wheeler Joshua Lloyd will succumb to his injuries at the age of 39. He is, to this day the last known Indian soldier fallen in battle.


Joshua wheeler portrait