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Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

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The Philippine-American War, also known as the Philippine Uprising, is an armed conflict that took place from 1899 to 1902 in the Philippines between the United States and the First Philippine Republic following the Spanish-American War .

After supporting the Philippine revolution against Spain, the United States signed the Treaty of Paris with the former colonial power and bought the Philippine archipelago, which was in full swing for independence. To establish their presence in the Pacific Ocean, the United States imposed their protectorate in the Philippines at the price of a war that in fact lasted nearly 14 years. The war was of a rare violence, provoking a virulent criticism among intellectuals like Mark Twain. It is the symbol of growing American imperialism that already aspires to expand to the Pacific.

The war sees the dissolution of the First Republic of the Philippines in 1901 after its capture by the United States. The country will become independent again in 1946, in the context of decolonization following the Second World War, which hit the Philippines head on.


A graduate of Carlisle, William Colombe, served in Troop I of the Fourth Cavalry Regiment. At San Mateo on December 19, 1899, he witnessed the death of General Henry W. Lawton. In an interesting twist of irony, General Lawton was one of those who captured the Apache chief Geronimo and was shot by a Filipino named Geronimo.

Most of those identified to date are veterans of the American Spanish War, or later, soldiers serving the US Army during the First World War.