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Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

pancho villa expedition

1916 - 1917



75 engaged


The punitive expedition to Mexico that the United States government began in 1916 against Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa threatened to put the United States and Mexico in direct conflict. However, the careful diplomatic maneuvers of Mexican President Venustiano Carranza and US President Woodrow Wilson have managed to resolve the crisis.

The punitive expedition was one of many incidents in which the United States government or its officials intervened directly in Mexican affairs during the Mexican revolution. Concern over US power and corporate control over Mexico's natural resources would lead to a disagreement between the United States and Mexico over the nationalization of the oil industry in the 1920s.


We know that 75 Apache scouts served General Pershing during the expedition and a dozen other Native Americans served. Thanks to Dixon's research we can cite some examples:

Private James Quinn, Klamath, from Blue Lake, California, joined 8th Cavalry, Troop H in Texas, and oversaw the border for more than 3 years, as did Private Frank Py-ah-hun-kah.

At least two Native American soldiers, Corporal Brooks Sylvester, Osage of Wichita, Kansas; and soldier Lucero Antonio, Isleta Pueblo of New Mexico participated in a skirmish against the forces of Pancho villa.