Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

ho chunk code talker


IN SERVICE: 8 Enlisted

Service: - Europe and Pacific - 1st and 2nd World War.

There is no official history for Ho Chunk Code Talkers, also known as Winnebago. The history of the nation tells us that they served in the Pacific, but other information also tells us about Europe.


Ho chunk

Big Thunder Robert would also be a Code Talkers Winnebago having served in Europe during the First World War in the 3rd U.S Division.


(KIA) = died in service                                (A) = decorated soldier



1st world war   2nd world war
BIG THUNDER robert (540657 )  
BLACKDEER clifford (20648660 )  
LITTLEJOHN howard ( ) (KIA) 
MIKE bill ( )  
THUNDERCLOUD emanuel ( )  
WHITEBEAR bill ( )  
WINNESHIEK benjamin w (20648659 )  
MIKE jesse a (20648630 )