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The invasion of Grenada, also known as Code Operation Urgent Fury , is the military operation that saw the landing in Grenada, an independent state in the Lesser Antilles, of a military force uniting state soldiers. United States and several Caribbean nations. The 1983 operation, which followed several years of political tension between Grenada and the United States, was triggered by the coup d'etat that led to the overthrow and execution of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop of Grenada. On October 25, 1983, the United States, Barbados, Jamaica and members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) sent a fleet and disembarked troops on the island, crushing Grenadian and Cuban troops. and overthrew the military government of Hudson Austin. This operation put an end to the revolutionary government of the people, a communist orientation regime in place in Grenada since 1979.

The operation, conducted outside of any United Nations Security Council mandate, caused the death of around 100 people and was condemned by a vote of the UN General Assembly.

Most of the occupation troops withdrew from Grenada on December 15, with only 250 US military personnel remaining on the ground to perform policing and peacekeeping duties.

At least 4 Amerindians will make occupation troops.