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Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


GAWMSD is a member of the American War Mother, a patriotic foundation founded during the First World War. Today Oklahoma has 23 clubs. Clubs exist in the Kiowa, Otoe, Pawnee, Osage (two clubs), Mi-tho-to-moie and Grayhorse tribes. They continue to exist with great respect for their veterans.

Every year, on Mother's Day, the Grayhorse AWM organizes the soldiers dance. This dance is not a pow wow, but still involves the raising of flags.

After the opening prayer, the veterans parade with the soldier's mothers and form a circle around the drum. Each family presents singing and dancing a specific song to each veteran Osage. These dances are passed on to families by GAWMSD.

Giving songs to each family is not the only goal of GAWMSD, it also provides help to families of veterans, financially, spiritual support, food, various goods ....

A special tradition is to donate a $ 1 coin to the veterans' families, which gives it back to the drummers in thanks for their songs. Seen as the effect of a circle, its main purpose is not to impoverish families who have already made the sacrifice of one of their own.


The Pow Wow ends with the raising of the flag, a prayer and a patriotic cake provided by the GAWMSD with the names of the veterans inscribed on it.