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Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


In September 2012, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released a detailed profile of Native American and Alaska Native Veterans. There are currently more than 154,000 Native American veterans. The report, titled "American Indians and Alaska Servicemembers and Veterans", shows several key measures. Here is a selection of important statistics from the study:

  • 7.1%, the unemployment rate of Native American veterans, against 4.9% for other races.
  • 15.3% the percentage of veterans who do not have health insurance, compared to 6.3% for other races
  • 36.4% of veterans with a disability compared to 26.2% for other races.
  • 18.9% the percentage of Amerindian veterans with a service-related disability, compared to 15.6% for other races.

According to the Canadian Department of Defense, 2,294 Aboriginal people currently serve the armed forces, to which must be added more than 14,700 Amerindians in the US Armed Forces.