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Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

Assiniboine Code Talker

IN SERVICE: 1 Enrolled.

Service: In the 163rd Infantry - In Asia - 2nd World War.


Gilbert Horn Sr is the only Assiniboine code talker listed to date. Born in May 1923 at Fort Belknap, Montana, he joined the United States Army at age 17 and became a member of the 163rd Infantry Battalion.

Horn took specialized training in communications and encryption, then volunteered for special features as a Code Talker, using his Assiniboine tribal language skills to conceal US military communications during the war against the Japanese.


Horn gilbert



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In 1943, Horn volunteered to be part of the "Merrill Marauders", a deep-penetrating unit under the command of Major-General Frank Merrill. For five months of field operations in Burma and western China, the Merrill Marauders made an 800-mile crossing through the Himalayas to reduce communications and Japanese supply lines before a planned joint attack between the United States and China.

Horn was one of 1,200 men who survived the campaign, and suffered injuries to the chest, back and jaw before being finally evacuated. He is a recipient of both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart and is recognized with all members of the Merrill Marauders by a Distinguished Unit Quote for "gallantry, determination and esprit de corps in accomplishing his mission in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions. "

These are so far the only information regarding the Assiniboine Code Talkers.




Last edited: 11/12/2018