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silver cross mother - canada




The National Silver Cross Mother is chosen annually by The Royal Canadian Legion to represent the mothers of Canada at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa on 11 November. As the Silver Cross Mother, she will lay a wreath at the base of the National War Memorial on behalf of all mothers who lost children in the military service of their nation.

In 1972, Mary Mcleod, Cape Crocker Reserve, Ontario is selected for the Silver Cross mothers of Canada, in recognition of the sacrifice made by his family.

Her husband John Mcleod participated in the First World War and fought two years in FranceDuring World War II, he enlisted in the Guard veterans.

Mr. and Mrs. Mcleod saw two of their fallen son :  Alfred Joseph at  Ortona on January 17, 1944 and  John Joseph at  Caen on 27 January 1944.

Two other son, Charles Donald Malcolm and John were injured  (July 8, 1944 in France.)

Their three others children, Max, Daisy and Reginald also served in the Canadian Army.