Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

grayhorse american war mother



GAWMSD is a member of the American War Mother , a patriotic foundation founded during the first world war. Today Oklahoma has 23 clubs. Clubs exist in the tribes Kiowa, Otoe , Pawnee , Osage (two clubs) , Mi -tho -to- moie and Grayhorse . They continue to exist over the greater respect for their veterans.

Each year, Mother's Day , the AWM Grayhorse organizes dancing soldiers. This dance is not a pow wow, but still has the flag raising .

After the opening prayer , veterans parade with mothers of soldiers in a circle around the drum. Each family has a special singing and dancing singing each veteran Osage . These dances are sent to families by the GAWMSD .

Give each song a family is not the only goal of GAWMSD , also provides assistance to families of veterans, financially , spiritual support, food, miscellaneous goods ....

A special tradition is to give a piece of $ 1 to the families of veterans, and that furnish the drummers in recognition of their songs . Seen as the effect of a circle, it was mainly intended to avoid impoverishing the families who have already sacrificed one of their number to .


The pow wow ends with the raising of the flag , a prayer and a patriotic cake provided by the GAWMSD with the name written on veterans .