Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

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In the late 1990s and in the early years of the new century , the efforts of veterans were successful and led to the creation of the National Round Table on First Nations Veterans , which brings together alumni associations Veterans First Nations , Assembly of First Nations , National Defence , Veterans Affairs Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to examine the grievances of aboriginal veterans. The process has led to the recognition that First Nations veterans were disadvantaged in access to benefits for veterans , to apologize and offer of compensation from the government in 2002.

On National Aboriginal Day , June 21, 2001 , Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson , Governor General of Canada , presided over the unveiling of the Ottawa Aboriginal Veterans Monument .

This monument is intended as a deep and lasting tribute to the contribution of all indigenous to the war effort and operations peacekeeping Canadians.

Several Aboriginal thousands suffered hardships in participating in the First and Second World War and the Korean War. They served with honor and distinction in all services and all ranks, from the private to brigadier . They fought battle overseas to defend the sovereignty and freedom of the allied nations, and they supported this cause in the country. Finally, in the operations of peacekeeping abroad, they continue to show dedication.

Their heroic deeds their earned many decorations as well as the respect and friendship of their fellow war. Hundreds of Aboriginal people throughout the country , gave their lives so that all Canadians can live in peace and inherit freedom.

We who want to follow their example, we bow to the greatness of their sacrifice, and determination is inspiring . Our debt of gratitude to them is immense.

Their legacy is still alive. When Captain Catherine Askew , Anglican chaplain of the Moose Factory Cree Nation , presided over a ceremony of wreath laying at Vimy Ridge in April 2007 , on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the famous battle , she read her prayer in English and Cree. "We must be grateful for all the sacrifices they have made and which we still enjoy today in our lives," she said. His words were a tribute to the thousands of young soldiers who had served their native country :
Eyam ahatauw
Ni moo shoo muk / noo koom muk / gitche Manitou
Ni mah moo he too nan / ah nooch / kah kee see kak
Oh tah eh may tay kwa yak
Ki keh ski see tee tak / ki chi wa shi she muk
Kee nah kah tah mook / oh ski ni pi mah ti si win
Eh koo mah kah / kee mis kah mook / un ni mah
Kah ki stat ti kook
Eh nuk keh skuk ah ni mah / ah kah kee too chi kah tek
Kee mah si kewk / kah she mas kan nuk
Puh ki te nan / kee kis ske see yak
ah kah kee chi too tah kik / moo lah kah / she nah koon
ni pun
ni pi ma ti soon ah nooch
puh ki te nan kee kis ske see yak / may koch
Ni moo shoo muk / noo koom muk / gitche Manitou
kee meen te nan / oh mah / ah noch kah kee she kak
oh mah / ah yum chi kay win
eh kway chi mi tak pi shik ki tah yun
may koch eh may tay kwa yak
oh kik kah mah shi kay chik na peh wuk
kah nee kan tay chik
kah kee shi ni kah soot ki koo sis
kah kee pah chi pam moo tat oh tay
Chi meeg-wetch, chi meeg-wetch, chi meeg-wetch.
Hello, hello,
Grandfathers, grandmothers, Divine Creator.
Today we are gathered in this site
honor for us to remember your children.
Faced with the impossible
they fought a battle that helped win the war.
Remember that without their sacrifice,
our lives would not be as they are today.
Grandfathers, grandmothers, Divine Creator.
We send our prayers today
and we ask you to be with us always,
as we honor those warriors who have gone before us.
The name of your Son who came down among us.