Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

black leggings society



Military companies represent an important part of nations to keep alive the military traditions.

One of these companies is the Ton-Kon-Ga or Black Leggins Society of Indian Kiowa of Oklahoma. Only kiowa officially register can be part of this company. Members wear black knee or legs in black paint and a red cape. The emblem of the society is a man wrapped in otter fur. The official Tepee society represents leaders who participated in the Indian wars during the 19th century and Kiowa soldiers who served the military since 1900. it also includes the names of 9 Kiowa died in combat since the first world war.



The company implements festivals and ceremonies for veterans and raises money to fund the graves of deceased veterans.

Twice a year the company organizes a huge meal for all its members. Women in the society are the scalp dance and victory using spears representing each soldier .. Once a year, the company is the inverted dance during which a veteran drum stops and tells his war exploits.