Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.





1873 –1895


Guerre contre les Chiricahua, Guerre contre les Navajos, Guerre contre Victorio, Guerre contre Geronimo


George Crook, Nelson A Miles

Between 300 and 400 Navajo have served as scouts. Over 125 Navajo scouts and their wives received pensions in 1920 1940.

The archives of the Army noted an initial commitment of Navajos in April 1871 under the command of Major William Redwood Price but they are not recognized as Scout. In January 1873 permission was given to enlist as 50 Navajo Scout.

Scouts were involved in the war against the Apache chief Victorio of 1876 , 1880, and against the leaders Geronimo and Nana 1881 1886. 150 Navajo scouts made ​​parties shipping 5000 men engaged against Geronimo in 1886.

In the late 1920s, the Navajo Scouts were eligible to a pension. Most scouts had served under an assumed name and lost their paper enrollment . 1920 and 1940 , the Indian agent SF Stacker and CR director Frank raised him all possible records to ensure a pension all former Scouts .