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scout crow




1876 –1887


Guerre contre les Sioux, Bataille de Little Big Horn


George Armstrong Custer

Scouts Crows were the first used by the army in 1876 in the war against the Sioux. The Crows were generally peaceful with white but also proved to be the eternal enemies of the Sioux , where ease of enrollment. A small group of Scout Crow were part of the Battle of Little Big Horn, the largest U.S. military defeat. Crows survivors of this battle later used against other groups Crows in 1887.

In April 1876, the small tribe Crow lived under the control of the army in reserve Crow Agency , Montana. Sioux and Cheyenne were the traditional enemies of Crows , in fact when the war against the Sioux began , many Crows enlisted in the unit Custer.

6 crows 39 Arikara and participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn June 25th 1876 .

Custer with 500 men attacked the Indian encampment of Sioux and Cheyenne 900 . The Americans lost this battle and counted over 250 losses in its ranks.

Scouts Crows , Curly , Goes Ahead , Hairy Moccasin and White Man Runs Him next column Custer during the battle, while Half Yellow Face and White Swan went with Major Marcus Reno .

Scouts were present with custer meet their function just before the battle because they had changed their clothes by Indian military clothing. Scouts wanted to die as a warrior and not as a soldier .

Scout Curly refused at first to go with the other scouts but was finally convinced by a young soldier from . During the two days after the battle Curly will fetch the entire region and décriva the battle using sign language to other tribes living in the area. This is the first official report of the death of Custer and the 7th Cavalry .