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1870 –1914


Guerre indienne au Texas, Guerre contre les Comanches, Guerre de Red river, Guerre contre les Apaches, Révolution de Garza.


John L Bullis

The Black Seminole Seminole Negro Indian Scout or Scout included Black Seminoles and Seminoles Indians. Black seminoles are former slaves became full and independent band of the Seminole Nation .

In 1870, the Seminole nation lived on a reservation in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) but were from Florida . Before the United States abolished slavery in December 1865 , hundreds of slaves fled to find refuge with the Seminoles . When the Seminoles were deported to Oklahoma , former slaves , became the Black Seminole nation , settled in Mexico. They were joined by the Black Creeks and Cherokees Black .

In 1870 , their leader John Horse received an invitation from the President of the United States asking them to return to the United States and enlist as a scout to fight hostile Indians. The Black Seminole, about 200 people accepted the invitation in exchange for land and food. Future scouts crossed the border July 4, 1870 and were officially enlisted Aug. 18 at Fort Duncan , Texas.

Between May 1872 and 1881 , the Seminole Scouts will fight in many battles against the Comanches , Kiowas , Apaches and Kickapoos .

During their long service, the 50 men were the Scout unit , none were killed or seriously injured .

4 Black Seminole scouts were awarded the Medal of Honor , America's highest military award .

Blacks Seminole Scout were demobilized in 1914 , most were forced to stay on the reserve Fort Clark. The Black Seminole Scout with their families are buried in the cemetery of '' Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery '' in Kinney County , Texas.