Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.

george mclean

MCLEAN George, Shuswap of British Columbia is a little-known hero of the 1st World War. Enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles in April 1902, he served during the South African War (Boer War). A veteran of a war, he rejoined in October 1916 with the 172nd Canadian Battalion. During the Battle of Vimy, he will be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, quoted in the London Gazette, as saying: "By gallantry and remarkable devotion to an enemy sniper, he alone captures 19 prisoners and later 5 more tempting to seize a machine gun, and that despite his injury, thus avoiding heavy losses. '' 
Wounded in the arm during the attack, he returned to British Columbia for treatment and became a firefighter in the Vancouver area where he died in September 1934.


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