Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


This battle occurred in November 1838 near Prescott, on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence . Some two hundred Americans , convinced supporters of republican government and looters or simple mistaken belief that many Canadians would welcome them with open arms, crossed the river and took position at Windmill Point in the mill and the houses adjacent stone . It took six days to a combined force of British regulars and Canadian militiamen to kill or

capture these " Patriot Hunters " ( as they called themselves) . The Canadian camp counted seventeen killed ( 3 officers and 14 soldiers) and sixty wounded. The invaders, massed behind stone walls , lost 45 men killed or wounded. The victory was gained when the stone walls were killed by British guns they had carried on barges whose crews had Tyendinaga Mohawks , "all strongly eager to check the accuracy of their fire on the alleged Patriots. "( The leaders of this invasion were later hanged more or exiled to Van Diemen 's Land. )

At that time, the native warriors were mainly used to patrol the maritime border of Upper and Lower Canada , ie the banks of the St. Lawrence , the Great Lakes and adjacent waterways. In addition to preventing any suspicious activity , they helped

capture deserters British garrisons and outposts. Since the beginning of the 18th century , desertion had been a problem for the British commanders , and bonuses when engaged deserters ensured a modest but steady income

indigenous communities near the British outposts. " ¼ And I promise that neither I nor any of my tribe will encourage any military way of His Majesty to desert , nor the help to escape, but , on the contrary , do everything in our power to bring to

Company at the Garrison Regiment or to which it belongs . "This is in return for services such as indigenous communities continued to receive annual presents to the withdrawal of the British garrison in the 1870s .