Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


1990 - 1991


Obviously stereotypes and ignorance about the Indians did not disappear during the 1990s .

At least 3,000 Indians were stationed in Kuwait during the Gulf War .


Brigadier General Richard Neal called Iraq '' Indian Territory '' , obsolete military term from the period of the Indian Wars in the 1800s and designating any enemy territory of all nations.


The leaders of Indian National Congress Indian , representing all nations across the U.S. , immediately requested an explanation of the '' insulting comment, ignorant and insensitive. '' A spokesman of the army based in Saudi Arabia says the term '' Indian Territory '' was a term used in the military to designate a hostile territory. About denials by the Pentagon .


Official reports speak of 12,000 Indians serving in the Middle East during the Gulf War and probably 24,000 for the army before Operation Desert Storm.

What emerges most newspaper articles and television reports is the impressive number of women engaged in fighting, unfortunately little information of this kind relate to Native Americans.

Only allow local newspapers to find information about the ceremonies for the return of Indian soldiers . This is the only way of seeing the patriotism were still showing the Indians .


Ironically , the last fallen soldier during the war was the soldier Michael Manuel Davila , 22, Sioux Indian .