2003 - 2011


This war is so far the only implementation of the concept of preventive war developed by the Bush administration in the context of the 'war against terrorism ' after the attacks of 11 September 2001 and the invasion of Afghanistan.


The best known of this war story is the death of soldier Lori Ann Piestewa . It is recognized as the first Indian woman who died in combat in the U.S. Army .


In 2004, the state has used American major the term '' Indian Territory '' to designate the new enemy space. Shocked by his words , Indian soldiers decided to create a true '' Indian Territory '' in Iraq.

The idea was to create a pow wow together as Indian troops in Iraq.

The powwow was organized on Air Base Al Taqaddum , near Fallujah by the 120th combat engineer battalion .

20% of this unit had soldiers of Indian origin. The event lasted two days with songs, dances, ball games and tomahawk throwing . The powwow ended not on an Indian tradition but on the survey of the American flag to remind the General Staff that the Indians wear the same uniform and the same patriotism that white Americans.



The idea came from Sergeant Debra Mooney, Choctaw Oklahoma. She explained that the drum was an important part of Indian soldiers. Many of them could not attend powwows on their reserve and a certain gloom felt at home. His battalion commander approved the idea of the pow wow and himself gave logistical support, although for him to organize such an event in a combat zone is very dangerous.


Most dance clothes, jewelry, drums and even tepees were lead by U.S. cargo plane specially chartered. But we also use leftover battle on site. Some of the drums were made up using oil cans cut in half, the Tomahawks were created with pieces of door trucks destroyed ...



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