Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


In 1492, the Indians were ten million. In 1890 , they were one hundred and fifty miles , is dying for most diseases brought by Westerners. At the Battle of Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876 , we witnessed the largest Indian rally, ten to twelve thousand individuals whose three to four thousand warriors. The Indian army soundly crushed the army of General Custer. But it was difficult to feed so many people in a small area . After the victory , the Indians are separated. They considered only after suffering such humiliation , whites no longer dare not disrespect them . In fact, the tribes were reduced one by one.


Until 1900 , the U.S. government tried to destroy them. After 1900 , it was believed that the Indians would fit the melting pot as blacks, Chicanos , Irish, Italians. But this was reduced vision . The Indians saw no way they could learn from Western political and social system they considered far less advanced than their own.

In the early twentieth century , relations between states and indigenous peoples are radically transformed from the previous century. Once politically independent , indigenous peoples are now subject , as wards of the state , an administrative and legislative regime more restrictive.

More than 300 schools exist for the purpose of '' civilized '' children Indians for the Indian historians becomes a legend , for anthropologists , the Indian race will be gone by the middle of the 20th century.

In 1900, we consider that the end is near for the Indian race, and yet ....