1838 - 1839
The so-called " Aroostook War " conducted along the border so imprecise that separated the New Brunswick Maine , followed shortly insurgencies in both Canada and the failed invasion of the " Patriot Hunters ." In the winter of 1838-1839 , at the height of the tensions that were around

the valley of the Aroostook River, where Americans and British would later send troops , the Maliseet chief Tomah Francis assured the Lieutenant -Governor of New Brunswick , Sir John Harvey, the Aboriginal people living in the disputed territories were strong supporters the British cause , adding that the colony could count , if necessary, support Maliseet . In 1842 , however, the Webster- Ashburton Treaty untied the crisis had largely focused on the right of access to lucrative forest resources and maintaining transportation routes and communication between adjacent British colonies. Thereafter, a special medal , called " Ashburton Treaty Medal " was struck and awarded to the Maliseet and other

Indigenous East in recognition of their contribution , as guides and hunters, the mission of the colonial surveyors responsible for drawing the international border newly admitted .
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