Native American Veteran and Canadian aboriginal veteran List.


 War Paint / Soldier Boy. 4:08.

 In the south the birds are flying. 1:48.

 Lakota Sioux Little Bighorn victory Songs. 5:02.

 Carnegie war mothers' chapter (Kiowa) Veterans songs. 5:08.

 World War I and II. 4:14.

 Canadian Lakota flag song. 3:44.

 American Lakota flag song. 4:01.

 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Army service song. 3:13.

 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Navy service song. 4:43.

 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Marines service song. 4:19.

 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Air force service song. 3:04.

 Indian Boys from Desert Storm. 4.34: